Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy @ 2014

Another year has begun.  I have mixed feeling about the past year.  I have mixed feeling about the coming year!  It's been a bit tough around here.  I wish I had about a week somewhere to just rest and think so I could wrap my head around a few things.  What it feels like, is that there is a lot changing or has changed, but I haven't had time to even feel it or decide what I think about it.  When I say I don't have time I am not bowing to the shrine of busy either.  I am not filling up my days and nights with all kinds of unnecessary engagements and social media.   I am talking about the grind of working every day.  Day in and day out with only breaks to do things that have to be done. Like cooking, laundry, going to the bank and sleeping 6 hours a night.  That kind of busy.  It's daunting, and exhausting and not very creativity inducing.  I am trying to remember it is just right now.  I am trying to remember that all things change.  I just have to think about right now.

Didn't mean for this to get heavy but there it is.  My life isn't filled with picnics and baking right now.  I have shit going on.  Sorry I said it.  I am still here, occasionally believing in unicorns but they aren't shooting rainbows out of their butts at the moment.

So I just keep doing the things I know will work eventually.  I create when I can, pray a lot and hope for the best.  I might need to dig out my roller skates.

Here are some layouts I made using the kit from Cocoa Daisy Blueprint.  I really enjoyed myself this month.  It was fun.


Sherry C said...

Hugs, Denise, hoping things ease up for you soon! I'm glad you were able to carve a some creative time, lovely layouts.

lisa said...

Love you sweet friend. You may be down but you still create with spark. Hope those unicorns start shitting rainbows again for you soon : ) Hugs xxxxx

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

I love you.
That's all I can say.
All I want you to know.
<3 you lots.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love you and lots of hugs your way! love love love love your pages! They are gorgeous!!

Asil said...

When things are tough, remember that for some people YOU are the unicorn! :) Brightening days, being creative and always ready to lend a hand!

Hang in there! Things WILL get better!

Lots of hugs, Denise!

Marie/Mison said...

I wrote a comment last night, but I guess it got lost...

Denise, I makes me sad that you have a rough time. I can only send you hugs even though the only thing I want to do is come over and give you a hand with things! Just keep on beliveving in Unicorns sweetie. Imagination can take you anywhere, and when times are tough - daydreaming is a great way of escaping and ease the mind. Never, ever loose your imagination and fantasy! AND who knows, one day while you´re working a Unicorn might fly by outside the window ;)

kim said...

I know what you mean Denise! Sometimes you're just like WTH, can I just get a little break! Totally understand! Thank god for just a little scrap time to forget about all those frustrations! Your pages are always awesome!

rubyclaire said...

I've just stumbled across your blog, and am sorry to read that life is tough at the moment. I hope you are given an opportunity to sit down under a tree and breathe for a while. Cyber hugs from a blogging stranger <3

Those scrapbook pages are nuts, like, freaking awesome. I've been feeling pretty shit about the whole cliche scrapbooking/is it pointless/where is my money going kind of thing... stumbled across your blog and it's exactly the kick in the pants I need. Your style is badass.

Hope things start looking up soon. xo