Sunday, January 12, 2014

Favorite layouts of 2013

This past year has been a challenging one on many levels.  Particularly with my health.  I am used to expecting to just keep going, sort of like an energizer bunny.  I don't quit and really I can't for the most part.  I have to work hard and I just assume my body can do it.  I am hardly sick and despite the average aches and pains of getting older, have not had much to deal with in the health department.  This year has definitely challenged that assumption and I have had to face some realities I do not like.  That being said, I also don't have the option of cutting back on work or napping during the day.  It would be good for me but I can't.  But there are many things I can do and I have committed myself to them.  It has helped some what but there are also things I can do nothing about.  That takes acceptance and lots of prayer.

One of the things that I have relied on this year is creative time.  I feel my best when I am taking some time to create.  It isn't every day, that is unrealistic at this time, but it's definitely as often as I can.  I am so happy with where my creative process has gone this year.  I feel a freedom and a confidence I had not felt before.  It's really wonderful.  I admit it was difficult to pick my favorites from the past year because there were so many I loved.  That is such a good thing!

Most of my favorites are from my Cocoa Daisy and OLW.  Sometimes the deadlines have been all that would make me get into this messy little room and make something but what a gift that ended up being.  Also my contact with friends online is something I have appreciated so much.  Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and cheerleading skills.  It has helped me so much.  

It's Sunday and now I am going to ignore my list of things to do and create something!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving your faves! And BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!

Ami said...

Oh! They are amazing, my favourite is "you turned me..". Thank you for all your comments at the CD gallery.

Marie/Mison said...

Oh wow Denise! They are all wonderful, and I do understand that you had a hard time to pick them out! A can´t choose a single on, that I love more or less. Have faith for 2014 darling.