Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cocoa Daisy Teaming Up With

Let's dust off the old blog here.
Car trouble.
over worked.

Okay, dusted and off the pity pot!

I have not felt very creative.  Which is unfortunate because creating is what brings me such joy and energy.  It's like a dose of good medicine.  So how fortunate that I had a commitment, and a deadline to fill!  I finally got my dose of medicine!

My trip to CHA was so much fun.  Did I mention that?  It was so special to meet so many of the great women that I have known for years.  Getting to spend time with Lisa, Mandy, Sharmaine, and Stephanie was a highlight.  Forget the new product, (although it was delicious) and the scrap celebs (whatever) it was just fun hanging out with these ladies.

On our second show day we got to walk the floor and just relax.  It was a blast.  We ended up in the photo booth at Me and My Big Ideas.  So we crammed in with our disguises and took this photo.  We each got one and Lisa had the brilliant idea to team up and each create a layout with the photo.

Here's mine.

This makes me so happy.  Love, love these girls.  
Check out the blog post HERE


lisa said...

Hey Sis!!
I loves your page : )
Miss you xxx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love this!! LOVING the colors and the paint!!

Lisa said...

Love this page. The drippy painty background and all the bits and pieces to look at!!! Yummy!

Marie/Mison said...

This page is gorgeous Denise! I love the tape! And all little nicknacks.

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

I love the doodle filled circles, love!

Deana said...

I'm with you.... had a ton of fun meeting online friends when I went to CHA! Would love to see more photos! That page is SO FUN & CUTE!!!