Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It's that time over at OLW.  A fun and beautiful adventure of color!  I had fun playing in my art journal again.  I did add a photo.  It's me, the day before my wedding.  Smalls Falls in Rangeley Maine.  We had just come from the little township hall on Rangeley Plantation to get our marriage license.  I was 30 years old.  Seems like another life time ago.  Talk about an adventure!

Please join us and play along.  We love it when you do!

Try the flickr link for a better view.  I am having trouble with photos today! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cocoa Daisy's A Hint of Sunshine

Cocoa Daisy's April Kit is on sale now.  It's wonderful.  Filled with happy, spring colors of yellow, blue and green.  I love the add-ons this month as well. 

For the past several months I have been really struggling with scrapbooking.  Not because I don't love playing with paper and pretty things but because I am not sure where it fits in with my life right now.  My boys are older, my grandchildren busy busy.  I don't take as many photos as I used to.  I am just in a transitional part of my life right now and it's been strange and off putting at times.  I have wondered where scrapbooking fits.  

After some good and refreshing chats with friends I have decided to just keep going and experimenting with different things to see what will work for me.  I purchased a couple of Dylusions art journals in large and small.

I really like the feel of the pages.  I do add a lot of paint so I gesso the pages first.  I have heard you don't need to but I have played it safe so far.  I used lots of water and gelatos, watercolor pencils, gel medium and the pages held up really well.  I had so much fun cutting and gluing paper down and then scribbling and painting over it all.  Those little wooden shapes are from Basic Grey.  They are from the add-on Prism.  They are so sweet and whimsical.  

I also bought a Studio Calico Handbook album.  It seems like the perfect size to do small layouts or PL style ones with pockets.

  I like the idea of being able to do both.  For now I think I am done with 12x12 style layouts.  Too big.  Especially since a lot of my scrapbooking is about me now.  Not that it matters, and I see nothing wrong with doing a 12x12 spread on myself but it's really truly becoming more about art and play and less about memory keeping.  This smaller size just feels right.

Here are some of my pages for that.  I don't do PL in the traditional way.  No week to week or month to month.  It's not chronological.  It's just do what I want to do.

 So right now it's about experimenting and figuring some things out for myself.  Christine is being so gracious and allowing me to not know which direction I am going yet.  We shall see.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Word Up #80 #81

We missed our Word up in February, so we we thought we would bring you two Word Ups for March along with prize packs for 4 randomly picked participates.  But first, the Word Ups:
I can't help but laugh at myself when I think about the word I chose for February's One Little Word. Perhaps it is what you call a Freudian slip? As although lots of people might look at me and call me calm and patient I am anything but calm!!

Why does your head sometimes just not let you rest? You want to chill, rest and your head has other ideas.

The one place where I can switch off and be calm is my art/craft space. When I need an odd calming thought I visualise myself lay on warm sand or floating in water. This is what I tried to show in my drawing. She is not me...but what I would like to be CALM!

Looking forward to seeing your CALM or visions of calm in an ideal world!
Dream.....to me, pushes me to make more art, and keep dreaming bigger, and believe in creative self. The first year after I had gotten into an art gallery and sold my art work, my husband bought me a ring that said, "Be true to your dreams...." to remind me to keep dreaming and making art.


This is what I created for CALM.  I really had been struggling this past year and had to finally admit that I was struggling with anxiety.  It was really hard for me.  I don't know why but I saw it as a weakness.  The refusal to admit I was struggling only made it worse.  I am doing so much better now.  I know what I need to do and ignoring it, and pushing down my feelings doesn't help.  Feeling aren't good are bad, they are just what is.  I can have good days and bad, it's okay.  

Since we are jumping back in with two word ups, we thought we would inspire you with words, creations, and prizes.  Four random winners will be selected for playing along with us this word up (two for CALM, two for DREAM).  You can pick CALM, DREAM, or both.  We will consider only one submission per word but that means you have two chances to enter!   So If you want to play along and be entered into our random drawing, please share a link to your submission at the bottom of this post with the inlinkz button.  Please leave a link to a specific blog post or image on flickr, rather than a general url. Online galleries work too!  We look forward to seeing what you create (art journal, scrapbook page, mini album, etc).  We will leave the link open until April 14th, midnight Mountain time
Here's a look at all the prizes.  We will split the prizes listed below into 4 Wonderful Grab Bags for our lucky winners.  Please note that these prize packs will vary. 
My Mind's Eye Kate & Co Collection Pack
My Mind's Eye 6x6 Pads (Variety)
Maya Road Grab Bag Goodies
Jessica Sporn Cascading Feathers Stencil
Two Cooca Daisy Exclusive Stamp Grab Bags
A Custom Camera Strap By Bluebird Chic (a $40 value)
Two Ronda Palazzari Designs 6x6 Stencils
Art of Layers Book by Ronda Palazzari
Cocoa Daisy Grey Street March Kit
Two Sets of Revving it Up Custom Cards
365 Magazine & a Cool Dutchie Magazine
K&CO Smash Book
Unique Cloth Home Ornament by Kristin
Remember you have until April 14th and we will announce our winners shortly after the next word up!
Here is the link to add your creations. OLW

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Color Swatch from Cocoa Daisy

I was definitely in need of some creative inspiration with all the cold and gloomy weather this winter.  How lovely when I got this month's kit, Color Swatch from Cocoa Daisy.  The kit is filled with lots of pinks and soft pastels with the perfect pop of black.  I had a hard time picking which layout was my favorite this month.  Stephanie Wheeler's exclusive papers this month are beautiful.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


"Normal is nothing to aspire to.  It's something to stay away from"
Jody Foster

Aspire to be different and head over to One Little Word to check out what everyone has created.  Then create something interesting yourself and link it to the blog.  If you also post to this thread before next month I will choose a winner and send you a box of Cocoa Daisy kit extra's and exclusive stamps.  

I certainly do not aspire to be normal.  If I did I would be hopeless at it anyway!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Favorite layouts of 2013

This past year has been a challenging one on many levels.  Particularly with my health.  I am used to expecting to just keep going, sort of like an energizer bunny.  I don't quit and really I can't for the most part.  I have to work hard and I just assume my body can do it.  I am hardly sick and despite the average aches and pains of getting older, have not had much to deal with in the health department.  This year has definitely challenged that assumption and I have had to face some realities I do not like.  That being said, I also don't have the option of cutting back on work or napping during the day.  It would be good for me but I can't.  But there are many things I can do and I have committed myself to them.  It has helped some what but there are also things I can do nothing about.  That takes acceptance and lots of prayer.

One of the things that I have relied on this year is creative time.  I feel my best when I am taking some time to create.  It isn't every day, that is unrealistic at this time, but it's definitely as often as I can.  I am so happy with where my creative process has gone this year.  I feel a freedom and a confidence I had not felt before.  It's really wonderful.  I admit it was difficult to pick my favorites from the past year because there were so many I loved.  That is such a good thing!

Most of my favorites are from my Cocoa Daisy and OLW.  Sometimes the deadlines have been all that would make me get into this messy little room and make something but what a gift that ended up being.  Also my contact with friends online is something I have appreciated so much.  Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and cheerleading skills.  It has helped me so much.  

It's Sunday and now I am going to ignore my list of things to do and create something!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy @ 2014

Another year has begun.  I have mixed feeling about the past year.  I have mixed feeling about the coming year!  It's been a bit tough around here.  I wish I had about a week somewhere to just rest and think so I could wrap my head around a few things.  What it feels like, is that there is a lot changing or has changed, but I haven't had time to even feel it or decide what I think about it.  When I say I don't have time I am not bowing to the shrine of busy either.  I am not filling up my days and nights with all kinds of unnecessary engagements and social media.   I am talking about the grind of working every day.  Day in and day out with only breaks to do things that have to be done. Like cooking, laundry, going to the bank and sleeping 6 hours a night.  That kind of busy.  It's daunting, and exhausting and not very creativity inducing.  I am trying to remember it is just right now.  I am trying to remember that all things change.  I just have to think about right now.

Didn't mean for this to get heavy but there it is.  My life isn't filled with picnics and baking right now.  I have shit going on.  Sorry I said it.  I am still here, occasionally believing in unicorns but they aren't shooting rainbows out of their butts at the moment.

So I just keep doing the things I know will work eventually.  I create when I can, pray a lot and hope for the best.  I might need to dig out my roller skates.

Here are some layouts I made using the kit from Cocoa Daisy Blueprint.  I really enjoyed myself this month.  It was fun.